Thursday, May 29, 2008

Martin Joins Hansbrough In South Bend

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Scott Martin was a highly touted recruit coming out of Northwest Indiana. When he committed to Purdue, it looked like ND missed out on a local prospect. However, due to a lack of playing time and wanting a change of scenery, Martin has joined the Irish after playing 1 year for Purdue.

For Notre Dame, Martin and Ben Hansbrough, a guard from Mississippi State, transferring to Notre Dame changes the outlook on the future. Instead of 2008-09 being the make or break year, it looks like there could be a winning tradition building up in South Bend.

Scott Martin will most likely play wing for the Irish, replacing Zach Hillesland. Martin is a fantastic shooter and has got the size that Notre Dame has been lacking at the wing position until Hillesland became the starter. Hansbrough will most likely play shooting guard in the same role that Kyle McAlarney currently has.

Notre Dame may not have signed any recruits for 2008, but their 2009 class looks like it could be the start of something special. Joey Brooks, a wing, and Jack Cooley, a Harangody clone, are the incoming freshmen for 2009. Ryan Ayers, Zach Hillesland, Kyle McAlarney, and Luke Zeller are the 2008 seniors, and it appears that McAlarney and Hillesland have their replacements. Notre Dame has 2 scholarships open from the transfer of Joe Harden and graduation of Rob Kurz. I expect Notre Dame to reel in two more quality players and set up a great roster for 2009-10. Here is the early prediction of the 2008-09 and 2009-10 rosters.

PG-Tory Jackson (Jr.)
SG-Kyle McAlarney (Sr.)
SF-Zach Hillesland (Sr.)
PF-Luke Zeller (Sr.)
C-Luke Harangody (Jr.)
6th-Ryan Ayers/SF/Sr.
7th-Jonathan Peoples/SG/Jr.
8th-Tyrone Nash/SG/So.
9th-Carlton Scott/PF/Fr. Redshirt
10th-Tim Abromaitis/SF/So.
11th-Ty Proffitt/PG/So.
12th-Tim Andree/SF/Jr.
13th-Tom Kopko/PG/So.

PG-Tory Jackson (Sr.)
SG-Ben Hansbrough (Jr.)
SF-Scott Martin (So.)
PF-Carlton Scott (So.)
C-Luke Harangody (Sr.)
6th-Jonathan Peoples/SG/Sr.
7th-Tyrone Nash/SG/Jr.
8th-Tim Abromaitis/SF/Jr.
9th-Jack Cooley/C/Fr.
10th-Ty Proffitt/PG/Jr.
11th-Joey Brooks/SF/Fr.
12th-Tim Andree/SF/Sr.
13th-Tom Kopko/PG/Jr.
14th & 15th-Incoming Freshmen


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